No time to get a facial? Just Peel – Glow & Go!

Are you ready for a CHANGE in your skin?

?Lighter & Brighter with smoother texture? More youthful and firmer? ✨

But haven’t the time or money for lengthy facial appointments at your spa?

Try my Corrective skin care with Peels- to promote health, youth and beauty!

Peels can be performed in under 30 mins in the spa for a Glow & Go! You get IMMEDIATE RESULTS And when done in a series of 2-3 week intervals these Peels have GLOWING & ANTI AGING RESULTS I CAN GUARANTEE.

?Light Peels-Level 1-

Enzyme-Pumpkin-Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Peels produce IMMEDIATE results leaving your skin Glowing, fresh and enlivened! And SAFE for most all skin types. $45 (allow 30mins.)

.✨Mid depth Peels-Level 2

TCA Herbal Peel -Super Peel & Color Correction Skin Lightening Peel –

Cell turn over begins with in 2-3 days and you experience light shedding for several days revealing beautiful new skin. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and lightening and brightening. $60 (allow 30 mins.)A post peel polish is recommended After 7 days to polish off your skin and really see the Glowing results of this treatment . INCLUDES TAKE HOME PRODUCTS

✨Medium to Deep Peels- Level 3

Mini Jessner Peel 1-2 layers-and TCA Herbal Peel with Microdermabrasion- INCLUDES TAKE HOME PRODUCTS.Cell turn over begins 2-3 days as well but skin sheds longer and at a deeper level for better results. Lightens & Brightens as well as smoothes the texture and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and Acne and scarring. $99 A LEVEL 2 POST PEEL POLISH after 7 days is necessary to finish up this treatment.

⚡️Deep Peels LEVEL 4

Jessner Peel 3-7 layers – Benefits- Completely turns over the top layer of the epidermis starting 2-3 days, and lasting 7-10 days in total regeneration time,leaving a fresh new layer of skin , much tighter, smoother, even textured and younger looking! By boosting new Collagen production making your skin regenerate all new cells , what it used to do when we were young!

Your skin will be Lighter and Brighter as hyperpigmentation is all but gone, the texture will be smoother and more even colored and soft and beautiful! .The down time with this peel is that you will be shedding daily for approximately a week and will need to avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear sunscreen at all times. INCLUDES ALL HOME CARE PRODUCTS & DETAILED INSTRUCTION AS WELL AS YOUR LEVEL 2 POST PEEL POLISH ( included in the price so it is sure to be finished correctly) $300

Jessner and TCA Peels can be done in a heavy-mid depth or light /mini version of the same peel depending on your desired results and your down time .

?I can also use Microdermabrasion with these peel services to intensify the anti aging results! For an additional $50

Check out : Peels – TCA Peel, Post Peel Polish ,Jessner Post Peel Polish , Jessner Peel and Jessner Mini Peel, Discoloration Correction Skin Brightening Peel on my scheduling site for more info, benefits and pricing AS WELL AS series PRICES . Easy online scheduling anytime or email ~

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Enjoy more Youthful and Glowing Skin “GLOW & G0!”

Love,Light and Laughter to you?

Sandi Carr-Calderone, Owner

California licensed and insured Esthetician, MT & Reiki Master