Energetic Reiki Massage

Is Reiki ~Energy Healing Right for You?

I have spent the last several years training and studying to perform Energy work as a stand alone service. I can do it with ease for many years to come and I actually feel almost as good as you while performing this session!

Ask me about relaxation and meditation tequniques proven to improve your health and well being ?

✨(I also perform Reiki treatments without Massage for anyone uncomfortable for any reason with receiving massage- my hands are placed in Reiki positions or just above your body and the universal energy flows where it needs to for promoting relaxation and healing. The cost is less as I’m not working as hard and it has a separate link on my scheduling site.)?

Your Energetic Reiki Massage session will be performed in comfortable clothing using Aromatherapy -essential oil blends just like I always have in my Facial and Massage treatments to enhance healing and specific Chakra Crystals ~for balancing and promoting health and well being as well as Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls for Sound Therapy to break up negative energy patterns and stimulates your Chakras for healing . The sound is beautiful and you can feel the vibrations as I place them on and around your body. This is a hands on healing session using the Japanese technique called “Reiki” for stress reduction and relaxation. Because I am multi licensed in Esthetics and Massage Therapy- I incorporate many different massage techniques throughout my session with you focusing on areas of pain and discomfort and focusing as much on what is going on in your Energetic body as your Physical body. (THIS BEING THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL MASSAGE AND ENERGETIC REIKI MASSAGE)? I use Hot stones and warm towels on your back for added relaxation of your muscles , also breath-work and positive visualizations can deepen your Energetic Reiki Massage as you become an active participant in your Spa Experience. Your head , neck, shoulders and back will he massaged as well as your arms, hands and feet. , I am working through your comfortable clothes and a drape that can be opened from the back to massage your back using many different massage techniques as well as stretching of your legs and rocking your body gently to break up negative holding patterns in your body) and a few more tricks I have up my sleeve ?

Cupping can be added for $15 to sore areas to aid in healing your body and reducing pain using your bodies ability to heal itself through promoting circulation.

I always start you in the Gravity Massage Chair for 20 mins and then I perform the Energetic Reiki Massage ? and end on the Amazing Jade Vita Mat for an additional time to integrate your experience. (at least 10 mins is recommended)

It is a whole body Energetic Reiki Massage ? and I invite you to set your own goals or intentions at the beginning as to what outcome you would like to see with each session, however the Energy is a Smart Energy and KNOWS WHERE TO GO.?

Reiki is an unseen Life Force Energy that flows through all living things and greatly affects the quality of our LIFE.

The scientific community recognizes this energy as “Bio Field Energy” Many hospitals across the country are now offering Reiki as a much needed healing modality.

How does it feel to receive Reiki ?

As you Relax you may feel heat,or cold tingling energy moving up and down your body and most fall into a dream like state.

Some see colors in their minds eye and some go in and out of sleep. (your body heals best in this state)

Most report a beautiful calm feeling and wonderful sleep that evening after a Energetic Reiki Massage treatment. For some it is a physical healing they need to relieve pain and discomfort, for others it is an emotional clearing or a spiritual journey that they seek, whatever your desire ♡ Reiki can and will help you.

30 -60 and 90 minute sessions are available with me and each time is seemingly different wich is so cool to Experience for me as well ! This is because your Energetic needs change day to day or even moment to moment.

Regular prices for Energetic Reiki Massage

30 min. $40

?60 min. $65

?90 min. $85

($15 off your first session)

Regular prices for Energetic Reiki Treatment WITHOUT MASSAGE-using hands on placement on all chakras and warm stones and energetic crystals,aromatherapy as well as singing bowls and whatever comes to me.

Regular prices with No Massage

?30 min. $30

?60 min. $ 45

✨90 min. $60

($15 off your first session)

2-3 sessions performed fairly close together are recommended for optimal healng results.

Pre purchase a package for a discount by buying 4 you get the 5th session Free or buy 3 and get the 4th session Half Off.

Energetic Reiki Massage is a wonderful addition to your spiritual and physical health. It is not to be used as a replacement to traditional health care, but as an enhancement to good mental & physical health and well being.