All of the ingredients found in our Botanical Blends Skin Care are chosen from the finest sources around the world indigenous to their origin. Herbs are harvested at the correct time of the year when the benefits of the plant are at their peak, as well as at the correct time of day when the plant’s synergy’s are at their peak.

Herbs are more potent at certain times of day. Specially chosen natural herbal extracts, specialty ingredients and aromatherapy essential oils are blended with water-based emulsions to provide results.
No artificial dyes or sensitized fragrances are used.

Our Elite Formulas use only the finest ingredients collected at premium times.
They are then crafted with extra precision and are an enhancement of our original formulas.

Sometimes with a wide range of products it may be difficult to know which product is best for your skins needs.
For that reason, if you are online and need help,
just email Sandi and she will be happy to consult you on the right product for you.

I look forward to any questions you might have in taking the best care of your skin

Sandi Carr-Calderone
Licensed Ethetician, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and owner of There She Glows! Day Spa