Sandi Carr-Calderone

Sandi was born in in a little town north of Phoenix Arizona called New River. She grew up along with 3 siblings on a small ranch where her mother raised horses. Sandi learned to care for the horses, how to ride and even compete in various equestrian events. In addition to raising horses, her mother Connie was an ordained minister and her Grandmother ran a meditation class, which instilled in Sandi great spirituality early on in life.

Spiritual healing came naturally and easily to Sandi and as she grew up, she discovered that she had a gift of healing while caring for the animals and family on the ranch. Until the family moved off the ranch when Sandi was 16, she was blissfully unaware of “differences” in some of her personal spiritual beliefs. Once in the city, she was faced with adversity from others who were not as open in their beliefs as herself. Since that time, Sandi has investigated different religions, spiritual groups and ideas which have both challenged and enhanced herself to be open and aware of her healing gifts.

In the early 90’s, Sandi embarked on training toward a career which she believed could blend the practical with the spiritual. Sandi Is a licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist and is well versed with the healing properties of natural plants, compounds and blends. There She Glows! Day Spa is the result of all her endeavors. Sandi is constantly studying new techniques and methods to achieve the maximum benefit for her customers. She recently added Reiki, which is Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. She is fully certified in this technique as well and is pleased to incorporate Reiki into There she Glows! Day Spa.