Gold Vitamin Cx3 for Men


Experience the transformative impact of Gold Vitamin Cx3 for Men. This potent serum revitalizes, combining three forms of Vitamin C to unlock your skin’s true potential.



Gold Vitamin Cx3 for Men – Ascorbic Acid, Gold, Glutathione; our newest Ascorbic acid delivery system serves to improve the stability of ascorbic acid,  and extends the lifespan of ascorbic acid in the skin.

Amount: 1oz


Apply after thorough cleansing and toning.

Key Ingredients

Ascorbic Acid, Gold, Glutathione – Ascorbic acid complex is designed to keep ascorbic acid 100% stable over time and increase the penetration of vitamin C into the skin.

Gold – A collagen boosting peptide for an anti-wrinkle effect.

Kakadu Plum Fruit Extract  – Contains the world’s highest source of Vitamin C.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz